Should You Buy or Rent Your Trade Show Display?

January 8, 2016

E&E Exhibit offer customers either option, so which one is right for you? A trade show display rental is the right answer for your business if… You are participating in your first trade show – a booth rental allows you the opportunity to try a trade show display before making the investment to purchase. You… Read more »

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Online Pop-Up Displays

Tempted by that too-good-to-be-true $800 pop-up display you found online? Trust your instincts. That pop-up may seem budget-friendly now, but it won’t be when you need to replace it next year—or sooner.  There is quite a bit of difference between cheap pop-up displays from discount online retailers or auction web sites and quality-manufactured ones from… Read more »

Manage Your Events from the Comfort of Your Office

Not only do we make sure the investment you’ve made in your trade show displays is safe and secure, we also offer an Event Management Tool, providing you access to an online system to organize your trade shows and events. This secure, web-based event management system provides a number of benefits from inventorying your exhitit… Read more »

The Number One Trade Show Expense

December 27, 2015

But there is one expense so great that if not properly prepared for can be like flushing the cost of your booth down the proverbial commode.   That expense? Your staff.  If your staff isn’t prepared, well trained, and excited about the trade show experience, you might as well just set up an unmanned table… Read more »

Planning your Trade Show Participation

December 10, 2015

Another year is upon us. A time to reflect on successes from last year’s trade show participation and begin plans for the new year.  When it comes to your trade show participation, what will you do differently? What will you repeat? What will you tweak?  As you begin plans for 2014, take a moment to… Read more »

How the U.S. Air Force Uses Custom Kiosks

November 28, 2015

Custom Kiosks have always been a popular way to showcase a video display, new product offering or promotional materials, but they can also serve as a show stopping, conversation-creating focal point at your next trade show. Recently the U.S. Air Force commissioned E&E Exhibit Solutions to create a custom kiosk that would feature the Air Force Creed:… Read more »

Make Your Vision a Reality with a Custom Branded Environment

October 28, 2015

Have you considered having a branded environment? If you build it – they will come. Remember that line from Field of Dreams? Kevin Costner’s character looked across a field of corn and eventually realized he needed to create a new environment; one on which a baseball game would be played. He knew what needed to… Read more »

5 Cs for More Press at Your Next Trade Show

August 7, 2015

A lot goes into the planning of your next trade show appearance; the location, the staff, the trade show displays, trade show graphics, sales materials and setting sales goals. If your company has participated in a number of trade show events, you most likely have the above down to a science, but how well are you… Read more »

E&E Exhibit Solutions Receives 2015 Star Award

August 5, 2015

Pulse of the City Recognizes Trade Show Exhibit Business for Quality and Service (Tempe, AZ) August 5, 2015 – For the second year, E&E Exhibit Solutions, a leader in trade show exhibit displays, has been recognized for their superior products and customer service. The Pulse of the City staff members have a lifetime of experience… Read more »

The Phrase That Kills a Sales Presentation

July 29, 2015

What is the phrase that kills a sales presentation? “To be honest with you…” When a Sales Person Gets “Honest with You” what does that make you think? We asked a variety of consumers to weigh in with what they think when a sales person uses that phrase and you might be surprised by what they… Read more »