InTouch Touchscreen Table Changes Trade Show Conversation

January 27, 2016

The InTouch table technology is available as a coffee table that can be placed in a conversational area of larger trade show displays or as a high standing table that is placed at the entrance of a more traditionally sized10×10 display or 10×20 display.  Trade show exhibitors benefit from the ability to upload sales literature, product videos, sales sheets and industry… Read more »

How Trade Shows Provide Sales Growth Opportunities

January 8, 2016

The concept of participating in a trade show for the first time may seem like a daunting undertaking for the operational and marketing leaders of an organization. However, the long term benefits far outweigh the initial planning and financial investment. The trade show experts from E&E Exhibit Solutions of Tempe, Arizona offer concrete benefits that… Read more »

Key Ways to Successfully Follow Up After a Trade Show

Planning and executing a successful trade show experience can be challenging. However when you look at the number of people you can reach in a short period of time; the benefits are well worth the hard work. Provided you follow up. Once the trade show booth is packed up and shipped home, the real work… Read more »

5 Reasons Stretch Tension Fabric Displays are Right for Your Company

As a marketing executive or event planner has it become more difficult to “keep up with the Jones?” Double deck exhibits,Lumiture exhibit displays and  custom island displays make it hard to compete for attendee’s attention. E&E Exhibit Solutions offers an affordable, show stopping way to turn heads at your next event or trade show: Tension fabric displays. Here are… Read more »

Social Media Twitter, Four Square and YouTube

Social media, the growing phenomena that has captured the attention of the world – is your next greatest tool for driving traffic to your tradeshow booth. Let’s look at how some businesses have successfully connected with their target audience and increased the number of prospects visiting their tradeshow booth:  The Twitter Hashtag (#) method of… Read more »

3 Ways to Customize a Tradeshow Exhibit Rental

You already know that renting all or part of the components of your tradeshow exhibit is an affordable, flexible way to create an effective trade show booth. But you may not realize the different ways a rental booth can be customized. When you think rental, you may be thinking “generic.” However, with tradeshow exhibit rentals… Read more »

Other Uses for Banner Stands

          One of the most versatile trade show booth enhancements, the banner stand is a must for any event. Use one or more banner stands to complete your marketing message at your next trade show; however, banner stands also add a professional look to a variety of other venues: Presentation or… Read more »

Six Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Banner Stands

Nothing beats banner stands for communicating marketing messages in a flash. You can roll up your banners in seconds and be ready for crowds at trade shows, events, museums, lobbies, retail spaces—anywhere you want to reach your target audience. Quality banner stands from your display company may seem pricey at first; but, before you buy… Read more »

E&E Aids Advertising Agencies with Trade Show Marketing

Over the past 20 years since opening E&E Exhibit Solutions, I have encountered many ad agency owners who look at trade shows as something that takes up a significant portion of their clients’ marketing budgets—and subsequently takes away from the agency’s profitability. Ad agencies have either walked away from the trade show business as too complex… Read more »